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Rules for being a Badass Chick

Here are my long awaited rules for being a BadAss Chick:

  1. Forget about the rules, but be prepared for the consequences.  This doesn’t mean doing illegal things just because they’re illegal.  This means doing what you think is right, living by own values, and not relying on what others say is OK for you to do.  However, if you are breaking rules you have to be prepared for the consequences and make decisions knowing full well what you’re getting into.  Don’t be naive about it.
  2. Be honest.  BAC don’t need to lie.  You shouldn’t be doing anything that you would be ashamed of admitting to.  If you’re honest all the time then people know what they’re getting from you is real.
  3. Speak your mind.  This ties in with being honest, but takes it a step further.  You can hold your tongue about something you think is wrong and technically you won’t be lying, but you won’t really be speaking your truth either.  If you think something is important to say, then say it, but don’t go around giving your opinion like it’s gospel. 
  4. Wear what you want.  Fashion should be fun and functional, but don’t be a slave to trends.  Develop your own look and borrow freely from styles you like, but ignore fashion “rules” and expectations.  If high heels hurt your feet and you hate them, don’t wear them!  If you like to rock leggings more than jeans, go for it!  If you prefer all black or bright colors, don’t worry about what palette is “in” for the season.  You should always feel awesome in your clothes.
  5. Be fit and ready for anything.  Now, this doesn’t mean lose 10 lbs or look better in a bikini.  Diets are stupid and 20 different exercises for that “inner thigh gap” are useless.  I’m talking about functional fitness.  Being up for anything like running to catch a train, learning to surf, climbing a tree, hiking out into the wilderness, dancing all night, swimming in a river, etc. It’s about using your body in different ways, regardless of what it looks like.
  6. Stick up for the underdog.  Real BAC don’t put the little guy down.  Basically, don’t be a bully.  Don’t join in when people are bashing someone who doesn’t deserve it.  Don’t use your status as a BAC to intimidate, but to step in when someone needs you.
  7. Do everything with confidence.  Even if you have to fake it.  That doesn’t mean pretending that you’re an expert at something you aren’t, or even acting like  you know what you’re doing if you don’t.  Even when you’re learning something new, you can have confidence.  Confidence that you can try something new, learn something, master something, talk to anybody, handle yourself in any situation.  Confidence is not being so afraid to fail that you don’t even try.  
  8. Don’t be a bitch.  Being a BAC isn’t the same thing as being a bitch.  BAC are honest, brave, and totally themselves, while bitches are mean just for the sake of being mean but call it honesty.  A bitch might say something like, “Look, I’m just being honest, but your new hair cut looks awful.”  BAC are honest about important things, things that matter, and they’re tough when they need to be.  Bitches use the excuse of “honesty” to hurt people and label their bullying as “toughness”.  Not the same.
  9. Forget the haters.  Don’t worry about what other people think of you.  Do, say, and wear what feels right to you.  If you start to worry too much about other people’s opinion, you probably wouldn’t even leave the house.  Someone is always going to disapprove, someone is always going to think what you’re doing is wrong, or tacky, or dangerous.  But it’s not their life.  
  10. Push yourself.  BAC are constantly trying to improve themselves.  Even when you’re 95 you should learning new things and exploring the boundaries of your comfort zone.  If you don’t push yourself you’ll never grow as a person.  Never stop learning, trying, or exploring.

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